Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved DJs and newsreaders. I’ve been listening to Minnesota Public Radio from the age of six. It was always playing in my home and in the car.

MPR’s diligence and spirited storytelling made me want to pursue a career in journalism. (And it doesn’t hurt that “The Current” is the greatest radio station on earth.) This semester, I decided to focus on emulating the journalists in public radio that I admire, producing weekly newscasts and stories for campus radio. Below is some of what I’ve produced so far. Photographs were shot and edited by me.

Meth in Iowa

This was the final project for my radio news course. I examined the prevalence of meth in the state of Iowa and some interesting trends in use and distribution throughout the state.

Des Moines City Council moves franchise fee payment forward (CITY)


The courts have ruled, and it’s time for the city of Des Moines to pay up.

City Council has approved issuing bonds to the tune of 41 million dollars in a class action lawsuit settlement over the city’s franchise fee.

Cruz makes third appearance in Iowa (POL)


Senator Ted Cruz swooped into Iowa for the third time this year, fueling speculation about a presidential run in 2016.

            The lightning rod’s speech to Iowa Republicans comes amid a growing rift between pragmatic and ideological Republicans.

Icelandic President warns U.S. of ice dependent world

The President of Iceland says Iowans can help fight climate change by acting locally.

            He spoke about his country’s shift to renewable energy at the inaugural lecture for the Harkin Institute at Drake University.

Drake students team up to conquer sandwich (FEATURE)


Five thousand calories is a healthy amount of food to eat over the course of two days.

            “The Adam Emmenecker” challenge at Jethro’s near Drake’s campus has that in one meal.

Drake junior seeks seat in Iowa General Assembly (PROFILE)


A Drake University student is running for the Iowa House of Representatives.

            If elected, twenty-one-year-old Dillon Malone would be among the youngest representatives in the legislature’s history.

Additional Content:

I’ve done some pretty fun work for Drake’s radio station, “94.1: The Dog.” Below, you can find an interview and PSA I produced.

Drake Insider Interview-Pep Band

English Department PSA

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